Improvement of cereals 

for conventional production and biofarming

Summary of the project

In accordance with agro-ecology, North part of Serbia and South part of the Hungarian Great Plain  is one of the biggest, coherent agricultural region of the Southern-East Europa. The tradition of agriculture and cereal production is thousands-year-old. In different ages, the spelta-, pasta- and common wheat, barley, triticale, millet and buckwheat have been important biological recourses of the cereal production. Boarder divides the coherent ago-territory, but the limitations are rested at the both side.

At present, the agricultural production looks to be in crisis. The most important challenge in Serbian and Hungarian cereal sector is renewal of the cereal cultivation and trade. The new and modern products – like bio-farm cereals - are not only good products, but being a good trade, too. The modern cereal market needs new, high nutritional value (quality) products for different basic human foods and feeds for animals.

The envisaged project is based on the cooperation between Serbian (Faculty of Biofarming, Backa Topola, FB) and Hungarian (Cereal Research Nonprofit Co., GK Kft; Institute of Plant Biology, SZBK) partners. The common goal is the improvement of different cereals for important agronomical parameters under traditional and bio-farm cropping systems. On the Hungarian side, the closest well-prepared partner of biofarming is located in Backa Topola (only 80 kms). On the Serbian side, the Hungarian basic research- and practical orientated research backgrounds of partners is primary important, too. The common program is based on the complementary experiences.

In Backa Topola and Szeged, the project partners are highly motivated by the traditions and the new challenges to improve cereals for the present and future needs. The challenges indicated the presented project. Professional research & development and education (R-D-E) has not been without cross-border and regional harmonization.  We are ready for improvements.